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Richard Preisig decided to become an entrepreneur.

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I graduated from the University of Binghamton having majored in education and human development where I soon realized I ended up with a piece of paper.  In the long run it served me well, as it's a huge determinate of what your credentials are.

But I was an entrepreneur and would rather work 100 hours a week than be stuck working 40.  (more)

"The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself" Warren Buffet

What differentiates your business from your competition? Let's focus on the very first impression your Clients get - your website. Is it Stunning?

The problem is perception is reality and when someone asks, "what is your website?", You need to be proud sending them there knowing it gives you full credibility. You know you do the same, so use this to your advantage and buy a Stunning Rich Preisig website that gives you the competitive advantage you've been looking for.  

Monetize the Services You Don't Currently Provide Your Clients, with No Selling!

If you're not making money in your sleep you'll work the rest of your Life. Think about that. What's your exit strategy?

The challenge we face is that we become hard wired for our own business model, but now that you've built up those assets, monetize them.  Learn more

Marketing Strategies from Behind the Curtain

Top 10 List of Why You're Struggling to Build Your Business

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Only for those willing to get bare bones honest about their business. "Even home run hitters have a batting coach," says realist Rich Preisig.

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