Get Your Site On the 1st Page On Google

99% of Searches Begin and End on Page One with Seo Services

Rich Preisig Illustrates How to Feed Google with No Money Changing Hands, So You Get Free Marketing

"You've gone the distance. You got your entrepreneur on and have a great business model in place. You've put your infrastructure in place and have all the tools you need to succeed in your small business. There's a lot of what "you've" done, but it might make sense to allow the almighty Google to do the rest for you," says Rich Preisig.

Google exists for a reason; You can find stuff, but right now you're only a visitor. You rely on its results and yet you're not in them. Are you apposed to having your business being in the spotlight on the relished page one? Ps. Never pay for Google Ads. You don't have enough money nor the aptitude. Number 2, there's no reason to buy the ads with the use of seo services; Seo meaning search engine optimization. 

The #1 reason small businesses go out of business is because they run out of money, so if that's the case are you just going to wing it or are you going to think thoughtfully of how to make the most out of all the work you've done.

As you'll soon learn or likely already realize, you marketing cost(s) are your biggest costs. It takes money to make money, so how do you get the best bang for your limited, growing budget? Obviously, you need leads, but you're afraid to invest in the cost of buying them. Why not become your own marketing company where you wake up to exclusive, quality leads that you can depend on.

Sounds too good to be true, but Google says otherwise, so unless you're "hardwired" for your own way of marketing keep in mind, even home run hitters have a batting coach. Lucky for you, Google is on your side. They're going to protect you from others taking your spot on the glorious page 1 - 1 through 10 results. Now why would they do that? Well, just like Life you get what you give. If you feed Google it will protect you and grant you access to your cash register. For instance, I feed Google my posts from Twitter: Rich Preisig on Twitter. For doing so, I'm giving to Google. They like that, a lot!

I don't have money to spend on Google! Glad you brought that up. Keep reading